Using TAFE Wikis and Blogs
These Terms of Use advise all users of wikis and blogs about expected behaviour and standards to ensure a positive learning experience, and protect the rights of students, staff and the organisation in relation to privacy and security of information.

Your Rights and Responsibilities
These can be found on the TAFENSW Website at, and apply to online learning in the same way as to any other learning environment at South Western Sydney Institute.

Most important to remember is:

  • Respect for others: use appropriate language, constructive criticism, and support the efforts of others.
  • Respect for online spaces and facilities: use appropriate edits, upload only appropriate images and files, and take care not to delete or damage student or staff material on the site.
It is also the responsibility of all staff and students using wikis and blogs to comply with the following policy when contributing to a wiki or blog:

Related Policies

There are a range of documents, including state and federal acts, that impact on the use of web sites in teaching and learning. Just as you do for face to face, individual and workplace teaching, learning and assessing, teachers, administrative staff and students should ensure that their use of web sites complies with policies, procedures or principles detailed in the following:
  1. Student Discipline Policy
  2. Code of Conduct (for staff)
  3. Management of Conduct and Performance (for staff)
  4. Internet and Email Services: Acceptable Usage for Schools
  5. Use by Staff of Employer Communication Devices
  6. Policy for Protecting Children and Young People
  7. Release of Student Information Policy
  8. Anti-Racism Policy
  9. People With Disabilities - Statement of Commitment
  10. Privacy Code of Practice (Intranet only)
  11. Intellectual Property Policy - TAFE NSW
  12. Copyright Amendment (Digital Act) 2000
  13. Cybercrime Act 2001

Online Safety

The Internet provides opportunities to connect with people and sites all over the world. Many can be trusted but some are not trustworthy, some are incorrect and some may have a high risk. In an online environment you must take responsibility for your personal information.

Your own computer could suffer file loss or damage by malicious software (viruses, spyware, etc) when using the Internet. Ensure that you have up to date security software installed.