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There is a summary for each preliminary module. If you want a complete copy then log onto the Board of Studies web site and follow the links to the Chemistry syllabus.
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Week 1

  • Matter
  • Spheres of the planet and abundance of element
  • Types of Separation
  • Elements
  • PRACS Physical Properties of Elements and Separation

‍Week 2

  • History of atom
  • Atomic Structure
  • Electron shells
  • Valencies
  • Nomenclature (naming) of inorganic compounds
  • PRACS Elements and Compounds and Combustion of Magnesium

Week 3

  • Periodic Table + Periodic Table exercise
  • Writing chemical formulas and equations
  • PRACS Types of reactions

Week 4

  • Chemical bonding
  • History of Metals
  • Activity Series
  • Properties and uses of Metals
  • Extraction of Metals
  • PRACS Activity Series of Metals and Decomposition of copper carbonate

Week 5

  • Gay Lusaac and Avogardro
  • Moles and moles problems
  • Revise Ionic and Covalent Properties
  • PRACS Preparing a standard solution Ionic and Covalent Compounds

Week 6

Remember Assignment due Tuesday

  • Polarity of Water
  • Intermolecular forces
  • Properties of water
  • PRACS Elevation of Boiling Point and solubility of salts

Assignment Due 1/4/14

Week 7

  • Ionic equations
  • Solubility of ionic materials.
  • Carbon
  • Organic Nomenclature
  • Fractional Distillation
  • Pracs Precipitation reactions and Heats of solution
Week 8
  • Safety
  • Energy calculations
  • Energy Profiles
  • Pracs Rates of Reaction and Solubility of Chemicals

Assessment Prac on 9/4/14

HSC Chemistry Course