BIOPHYSICAL INTERACTIONS - finished on Friday 12th March.

Go to HSC course - Ecosystems at Risk which is now started. Students who have not completed assessments for the Preliminary course will not be able to proceed to the Year 12 course. Textbooks have been issued for the Year 12 work. The work below is for those who need to revise or catch up on the Year 11 component.


This topic is part of the Preliminary (Year 11) course, and is therefore not examinable. It is important for you to understand it, however, as it underpins the Year 12 topics.

There are four topics in this part of the course.
  • Lithosphere
  • Hydrosphere
  • Atmosphere
  • Biosphere
  • Case Study


You can access all lesson plans by clicking on the following link: Biophysical interactions - lesson plans.doc
There is also your Senior Geography Project YEAR 11 GEOGRAPHY sgp project - Copy.doc (due date will remain 31st MARCH)

Source material

Check out the following links for source materials presented in class:
  • Facts about our Earth 2010 Version.ppt
  • Dust Storm Sydney Sept 2009.ppt
  • Video: Anatomy of a Disaster - about Hurricane Katrina (available in the Library)
  • Check out web sites for USGS on the Chile earthquake and tsunami ALSO the Bureau of Meterology web site for daily weather patterns and other useful information such as how to read weather maps, satellite images, operation of El Nino and La Nina.

Class handouts

Extra Material from Current Issues in the News


  • Wednesday 31st March - meet 8.45am at Sydney Aquarium. Cost $16 to be paid on the day.
  • Optional excursion Friday 12th after class for one hour to Salt Pan Creek litter collection sites to help with SGP if need help