This year, you will be doing the following assessment tasks:
  • A document study, covering the war on the Western Front (1914-18). This will be done in class during first term.
  • A case study on Leon Trotsky. Trotsky was one of the most interesting characters of the 20th century - a Marxist idealist who was destroyed by his great rival, Joseph Stalin. this will be done in second term.
  • An oral presentation, covering an aspect of Russian history in the 1920s or 30s. This will be in the form of an interview with your teacher (lasting up to half an hour), conducted at the end of second term.
  • A research assignment on the Vietnam War. This will be done in third term.
  • The trial exam. This will be held in third term.

Assessment schema

This document was handed out in the first week of class. It contains all the dates and weightings of the Preliminary and Year 12 assessment tasks. If you do not have it, please click on Modern History assessment 2018.

Individual assessment tasks

Trial exam

The handout on what will be covered in the trial HSC exam can be downloaded by clicking on